How To Find An Accountant For Tax Return Support

In this blog our team of expert accountants explain why it’s a good idea for those who file their own tax returns to find an accountant for tax return support.

In the often complex landscape of personal and business finances, navigating tax laws and regulations can be a daunting task. This is where the expertise of a professional accountant becomes invaluable. Whether you're an individual seeking to maximise deductions or a business aiming for financial compliance, making an effort to find an accountant for tax return support is a very prudent step, and one that can really help you avoid legal trouble, pay less tax, and bring a number of other benefits too. In this guide, we will show you just how to find such an accountant, as well as walk you through some best practices that will help you identify the very best people for the job. Let’s get started!

How To Find An Accountant For Tax Return Support

Why Might You Need Tax Return Support?

The ever-evolving tax landscape can be overwhelming, but a seasoned accountant brings not only a deep understanding of these laws but also the ability to interpret them correctly in the context of your unique financial situation. On top of this, hiring an accountant for tax return support can also result in significant financial benefits since their expertise can uncover deductions and credits you might have overlooked, ultimately saving you money.

How To Find An Accountant For Tax Return Support

Where to Find An Accountant For Tax Return Support

Online Platforms

Numerous online platforms now cater to individuals and businesses seeking professional accounting services. Websites like LinkedIn boast extensive listings of accountants - but beyond that even a quick Google search will also turn up results - with the added bonus that you can specify details like the kind of help that you’re looking for, and where you want them to be based geographically.

Local Directories

While online platforms offer a broad spectrum of options, local directories can be equally valuable, especially if you prefer face-to-face interactions. No matter whether you’re browsing them online or off, local directories like the Yellow Pages or Thomson Local are likely to list accountants, and to do so based on geographic location. If you can find an accountant for tax return support that’s based locally to you, that might also offer added benefits - such as the ability to establish a personal relationship with their accountant, a better understanding of regional tax laws and a more hands-on approach to your finances.

How To Find An Accountant For Tax Return Support

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Accountants

General Questions

When interviewing potential accountants, it's crucial to ask questions about their overall professional experience and approach. Inquire about their history with tax return preparation. How many years they’ve been practising, and what types of clients they have worked with in the past. The insights gained here can tell you a lot about their working style and compatibility with your needs.

Once you find an accountant for tax return support, it’s a definite step towards success.

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Specific Tax-Related Questions

To assess their proficiency in the area of accounting that you want them to help with, you should definitely ask about their knowledge of tax law, and their experience dealing with specific tax scenarios - such as deductions and credits relevant to your situation. If the answers you get to those questions fall in line with your needs, it’s a sign that you could be talking to the right accountant for you.

Ask About Their Qualifications and Track Record

You should certainly look for a strong educational background in finance or accounting. Such a background will be evidenced by the accountant you’re talking to possessing relevant accountancy qualifications or certifications - such as those available from AAT or ACCA. This alone is not enough to guarantee quality however, so alongside those qualifications you should look for a proven track record of success in handling diverse financial situations.

How To Find An Accountant For Tax Return Support

The Billing Practices To Expect

Understanding the various fee structures employed by accountants is crucial when it comes to knowing exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re getting for your money. For example, some accountants will charge hourly rates, while others may work on a fixed-fee basis, and at the same time the complexity of your tax situation may also influence how much an accountant charges to deal with it. Simple returns may incur lower fees, while intricate financial scenarios might warrant a higher price point. For these reasons, it is in our view a matter of best practice to discuss fee structures upfront with any accountant that you choose to work with. That way, both parties can avoid any nasty surprises and ensure that the services provided and the price charged for them align with everybody’s expectations.

How To Find An Accountant For Tax Return Support

In Conclusion

We certainly hope that this blog has shown you why the decision to find an accountant for tax return support is a prudent one for anyone who has to file a tax return. As we’ve seen, the benefits of doing so extend beyond the financial realm, as they take much (if not all) of the burden for you. As a result you have more free time to concentrate on other things, less stress in your life, and the reassurance of knowing that your tax returns will be accurate and well-optimised.

You can take the first step towards financial peace of mind today by arranging a meeting with our team of professional tax accountants who can provide the support you need, but if you want to see further evidence of our expertise, or you want some further advice then why not check out our blog? There you’ll find an entire section dedicated to tax, as well as highly informative posts like this one on tax returns for the self-employed, or this one explaining how limited company accountants help businesses in Bolton succeed

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